What is the price of a good mattress? You ask the majority of people, and the answer would likely fall into the price category of $500-$1000. Yet a good mattress to some is much more or much less. There are certainly high end mattress sets between $2k and $5k, and there are the cheaper mattress sets that can be purchased for $250 to $500.

Deals can make any mattress cheaper, but people have to buy according to their budgets. If you were to be asked what is a good price on a mattress set, what would you say? I personally know the spectrum and would have been one to say I’m just happy if I buy a new bottom of the line cheap mattress set.

A cheap mattress set is still a good one because it’s new. Think about all of the problems that come with mattresses that are past their prime. They don’t provide adequate support, and they can become dingy and full of dust mites. Don’t even say the words bed bugs.

Bed bugs are another story altogether. But when it’s time to buy a new mattress, it’s time. Just recently, my mattress price was $370. With the new metal frame I bought with it, my cost for a bed was $500. Neither the frame or the mattress were expensive, but they were impressive for the cost.

You see, I purchased a well-known memory foam mattress in a box. It’s one of the more costly versions of its kind because my sister was able to find one for much cheaper. It is such a good mattress, and the frame is nice, too. It’s not one of the old-fashioned metal frames. It is a better looking, more modern option.

It’s actually difficult to find a new mattress set with a box spring for $250. Sometimes the stores don’t include the box springs for free anyway. But if you’re a person who wants to start there and work your way up, I would say these days you should at least be able to make it out of the mattress store without spending more than $500.

Did I say mattress store? Well, maybe you might want to avoid the mattress store and instead hit up department stores or shop online. You will discover some great deals for sure, and there are in fact mattress stores that have them, too. Look at what all you can find and wait for a sale if need be. They seem to happen around just about every holiday.

You’re going to get a new mattress set at a great price, and you’re going to be happy with what you find. Look at targeting that $500 mark, unless your budget allows you to spend more. If you can spend more, and you’re looking at mattress sets up to $2k or higher, try and find deals that push it closer to $1k. For example, I’ve seen $2k sleep number mattresses on sale for closer to $1k, but it just depends.

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