Everybody dreams but not everybody remembers their dreams. Dreams are the brain’s mechanism for clearing out or deleting unnecessary information sort of the way your delete button works on your mobile phone or on a computer. They are a natural part of the sleep process and while not everyone remembers their dreams, everyone does it.

Another important job that dreams have is to help us cleanse our thoughts and memories. During the dreaming process, the brain also works to restore neurological connections. For most of us, we do not care much about the mechanics or science of the process. We know that dreaming can be a mystical and baffling experience. Sometimes we remember the weirdest dreams and other times we remember dreams that seem to come true.

The ones that we remember usually happen during the REM sleep state. This is the rapid eye movement state where our eyes move about as if watching things that are happening before them. This is because they are, in a way, doing just that. There is a movie playing out in the mind during REM. Typically, the most vivid or weird ones occur during the REM state. What else is there to know about the dreaming process?

1- You Remember A Dream If You Wake Up While it is Occurring

If you happen to have a particularly strong dream or a nightmare, you may wake from it. If you do, and it was still unfolding, you remember it. You may even be breathing heavily after a nightmare. It is as if you really experienced the frightful event.

2 – Dreaming In Color is Possible

And it is normal! But, do not feel inadequate if you have no recollections of color in yours. Some people naturally dream this way and it is believed that this is because they are creative types.

3- You Can Control the Outcome

With some practice and meditation, you can learn to be aware of what is going on in your slumbers. This is called lucid dreaming. Some people do it without practice but if you can do it, you can change the outcome and even turn a nightmare into a happy dream.

4- Blind People Dream

They can sense things or smell things. If they had vision at some point in life, they have dreams just like people with normal vision.

5- Most Dreams Are Not Prophetic

While you may remember having a dream where something happened before it occurred in real life, chances are this is a coincidence. Dreaming is the subconscious sorting feelings and data. It does not involve the supernatural or mean that you have supernatural abilities.

6-You Have More than One Dream Every Night

That’s a lot of dreaming! Keep a notebook by your bedside to jot down any vivid details you can recall. Your best chances of remembering and being able to interpret your dreams comes right after you awaken. They can provide insight to your problems and while they will not predict the future, they can help you sort yours by examining your fears, hopes, and anxieties which come up each night in our slumbers.

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